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How diet spammers hijacked Twitter accounts

One domain used in the Twitter diet spam campaign turned out to be interesting. Below you can see some tweets pointing to womenshealth.com-c.pw

womenshealth-com-pw-may13I used Google search cache:womenshealth.com-c.pw and the result was quite interesting. Page redirected to http://twitter.com-c.pw/ (currently the account is suspended) – a phishing site that may have been used to compromise user accounts.


Further reading: Gone Phishing (Twitter blog post from 2009) and related Twitter Help Center article. Phishing is not the only way to hijack accounts, but it can be very effective.

I also found one possible Facebook phishing site: fb-hn.es.vu.  Links to this and similar sites are being spread out on Twitter.


Did you visit a possible phishing site and got hacked? You can post a comment (anonymously) and tell your story. I believe it is important to share information about these phishing sites and possible other tricks used to hack your account.

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